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Diana at Appetite for China tagged me to post my top 10 food pictures a few days ago. Diana has been a great supporter of Red Cook since the beginning. She has also become a comrade, through comments and email, in my quest for authentic and regional Chinese cooking. I was really excited and felt honored to be considered worthy to showcase photos of my blog. I really have only attempted food photography recently. Okay, only since I started Red Cook four months ago. But I am fortunate because I have some very talented photographers as friends. They have been amazingly generous in not only showing me the tricks of the trade but also took some of the photos for me. So here I salute my friends Go Lertworachon, Ron Boszko and Jeff Weiner. In fact a few in my top ten list are photos taken by Ron Boszko. I hope you enjoy them.

This “food photos madness” as Diana puts it was started by Anna of At Anna’s Kitchen. But what fun it is! As part of this exercise I am supposed to tag five other bloggers, via comments on their blogs, to list their top ten pictures. Here is the list of bloggers I tagged.

  1. Matt from Mattbites
  2. Aun from Chubby Hubby
  3. Robyn from Eating Asia
  4. Annie from A Good American Wife
  5. Kim from The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

Without further ado, here are the top ten photos from Red Cook in no particular order.

YuXiang Stir-fry Pork (魚香肉絲) from the Stir-fry Series

Tender Pea Shoots (豆苗) from the Stir-fry Series

Red Bean Paste Meringue Dumpling (高力豆沙) from the Chinese New Year Banquet

Sweet and Sour Radish Salad (糖醋蘿菠絲) from Valentine’s Day

Double Winter Braised Sea Cucumber (雙冬燜海參) from the Chinese New Year Banquet

Photography by Ron Boszko

Assorted Cold Appetizers (五彩冷拼盤) from the Chinese New Year Banquet

Photography by Ron Boszko

Winter Bamboo Shoots (冬筍) from Double Winter Delights

Crispy Fried Chicken in Garlic Sauce (蒜香油淋雞) from the Chinese New Year Banquet

Photography by Ron Boszko

Red Cooked Pork (紅燒肉) from the Blog’s Namesake

Photography by Ron Boszko

Stir-fry Chive Blossoms with Tofu (豆幹炒韭菜花) from Cooking Time Explained

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  1. AppetiteforChina

    Great photos! How did I miss the sweet and sour radish salad in your entries? We need to meet up (and maybe cook and eat!) the next time I go back to NYC!

  2. michelle @ TNS

    beautiful! my faves are the dumplings and pork…maybe because those are also my favorite foods, heh.

  3. Kian

    Diana, I would love to cook and eat together when you make a trip back to NYC. We’ll do one of my ten-course feast.

  4. Anne

    Wow! I mean, WOW! So impressive. I’m a little embarrassed by my photos in comparison. By the way, next time you make those red pork dumplings? Invite me over, please!

  5. Kian

    Anne, Yes we should get together, and I’ll make red cooked pork!

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