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I often wondered what I would do when someone tagged me for a meme. I’ve read quite a few memes along my online travel. Although I find them to be fun they can be rather silly. Then Bron at Feast with Bron tagged me. I was amazed by the power of the Internet to connect people. I’ve not heard of Bron before. I don’t even know Bron’s gender. But here is someone who’s been reading my blog and I am now connected to him or her. Not just a reader from New York. But someone from London! Well for that I feel the need to participate.

So here is my first Random Facts meme post.

  1. I love noodles. Full stop! Any kind. Thin or flat. Chinese or Italian.
  2. We own four sets of dishes: a daily set for eight, an all glass set for eight, a blue and white china set for both western and Chinese service for twelve, and a white and gold buffet set for thirty six. Why? Because I can.
  3. My Chinese zodiac is a Horse. A very stubborn one at that. My western zodiac sign is Scorpio. I wonder what that combination makes me.
  4. I studied piano for seven years. Hated every moment of it. Did it just to conform to the idea of what an obedient Chinese son does. I have not played piano for more than thirty years.
  5. My family came from Fujian (福建) province in China. Our ancestral home is in Jinjiang (晉江), a “small” coastal town of one million people north of Amoy (廈門 now known as Xiamen).
  6. In the U.S. everyone calls me Kian. It really is my “generational” name, a traditional Chinese custom of family naming. My brother and all my male cousins have the same “generational” name. My first or given name is Lam.

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  1. Michele

    My granddad is from Xiamen. We have a house on Gulangyu Island, have you been there?

  2. Kian

    I have not been to my ancestral home actually. I plan to visit the next time I return to China. My father studied at the Anglo-Chinese School on Gulangyu just before World War II. He left when the Japanese invaded China.

  3. Michele

    Maybe they were friends 😉

  4. Bron

    ‘I love noodles. Full stop! Any kind. Thin or flat. Chinese or Italian.’ –

    Thisis reason enough for me to have found you! And I’m very glad I did.

    Bron (female)

  5. Just Cook It

    Hay Kian,

    thanks for the tag, I’ve been away the last couple of days but will get on the case today. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

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