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Photo: U.S. Department of Defense

It is catastrophic when natural disaster hits a country, but it’s tragic when that country is already struggling to rebuild from decades of political and civic strife. The earthquake in Haiti last week devastated the citizens and physical structures of the country as well as its psychic. It is imperative that we all rally to help the survivors rebuild their lives. Marc at No Recipes had organized an effort by bloggers to help with the relief effort.

I am joining this effort along with other bloggers to donate 100% of our January ad revenue to the World Food Program’s Haiti relief effort. Marc collected a list of participating bloggers on his Help Haiti page at Blog Away Hunger. If you’re a blogger you can also help by volunteering to join Help Haiti. Otherwise visit these blogs to help increase the ad revenue, or you can make direct contribution here and select “Haiti Disaster” under Donor Designations.

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