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You’re reading your favorite blog and you found a recipe you’d like to try in the future. You bookmark it in your browser, or print it out. But before you know it your bookmarks are out of control or your printed recipe is lost among your pile of bills. Now you can collect them all in one place. Red Cook along with many other prominent bloggers have joined springpad to let you collect your recipes in one place. You can also share your own recipes with other members in the springpad community.

springpad is a free online personal organizer that helps people organize themsleves and get things done. Not only can you collect and organize your recipes, you can also manage your daily chores, schedules and share contents from blogs you follow, your favorite brands and your trusted friends. Currently the springpad community includes hundreds of food bloggers and thousands of members sharing more than 50,000 recipes.

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As part of Red Cook’s partnership with springpad many of the recent recipes on Red Cook have been linked with a springpad “save it!” button. All you have to do is click on the button and login to your account to save the recipes. Once the recipes are collected on springpad you can share them with other members, generate shopping lists with a mobile Web app, or plan your meals with a weekly meal planner app.

This is just a glimpse of the functionalities available on springpad. Join them and explore many more useful and fun apps to organize your life.

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