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After I published my homemade mooncake post, my dear friend Lee Chin Hock, who is now living in Hong Kong, left a comment on my Facebook post. He sent me links to a story and pictures of a collection of “innovative” mooncakes that are all the rage among the young and hip in Hong Kong.

He wrote, “As you know ‘the 15th of August’ (in Cantonese) is often used as an euphemism for the butt, so this year G.O.D. teamed up with a very famous mooncakes maker to create these cheeky butt-shaped mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. These mooncakes come in 4 shapes and are called ‘Full Monty,’ ‘T-Back,’ ‘Mind the Gap’ and ‘Spread My Cheeks.’ They are really selling like hot cakes here!”

Someone at GOD, a chic Hong Kong lifestyle merchant, definitely has a great sense of humor. After I stopped laughing hysterically I wondered if anyone in the Chinese communist government is laughing with me.

From reading the promotional information I learned that the filling is lotus seed paste with egg yolk. These mooncakes may be very exciting on the outside, but I think my mooncakes are more exciting on the inside. Does this make me a mooncake snob?

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  1. Nate

    Seems like a novelty that will wear off in a year. Who’d want to eat ass?

  2. gaga

    hahaha. how cute!

  3. Tastes of Home

    these are cheeky! just dropping by to say hello! love your blog!

  4. Liza Baker

    Toooooo cute – found you on foodbuzz and had to check out the blog. I look forward to savoring your site slowly.

  5. Chou

    Oh my. I think I prefer your earlier version!

  6. Kate

    Uh….yeah… where you bite!!!!


    I might NOT eat those ones, but the other Mooncakes looked divine.

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