Kian Marketing

Although professionally I am a software engineer I’d very much prefer to be in my kitchen, aka my playpen, cooking and baking. I love food and have been cooking all my life. Growing up in Singapore I was exposed to a multitude of food and cuisine since I was a little boy. I often sneaked into our kitchen to help the servants prepare dinner when I was supposed to be doing homework. But like a good Chinese son I went to university in America and studied engineering. I later went on to become a computer programmer.

Along the way I kept on cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with all kinds of food and cuisine. During the summer of 2003, while I had a reduced commitment in my technology work, I spent six months working as an apprentice under Chef Josh Capon at the now defunct restaurant Canteen in Soho, New York City. And what an experience it was! It transformed my cooking outlook from amateur to professional.

I write this Chinese food blog to share my cooking adventures with you. I hope you enjoy my musing, as well as join me in my kitchen journey of Chinese cooking.

I live with my partner Warren in Harlem in New York City, and enjoy cooking and entertaining family, friends and neighbors.